Posted by: caleastnewhomes | May 27, 2014

Historic Casey House coach house may have a new home

If it actually happens, it would make history in more than one way.

A heritage coach house belonging to the HIV/AIDS hospital Casey House may have found a new home. But it’s on a two-block stretch of Midtown, Molson St., where there’s never been a house before, just garages and a laneway access.

The 1889 coach house is being given away for free, to a good home, to make way for a new, 58,000-square-foot, four-storey inpatient and outpatient facility in back of what’s now a derelict, 10,000 square foot Jarvis St. mansion known as The Grey Lady.

But getting the 3,000-square foot coach house from the Isabella St. site to, well, anywhere else, has a lot of hurdles to pass first. And that’s assuming a route could be cleared to move it along a block of Bloor and up busy Yonge St., the most plausible route.

Three people have expressed interest in moving the home, says local councillorKristyn Wong-Tam. But one, who could not be contacted by the Star, has come up with an actual site — where three garages now sit on Molson St.

He’s already consulted with a heritage architect, city planners and other experts to look at the logistics, says Wong-Tam.

She’s already delivered flyers to the neighbours, who at first thought that Casey House itself might be moving to the site. And she’s organized a community consultation meeting for May 20, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. in Committee Room 2 of City Hall where the potential new owner will deal with questions.


“I knew this was going to be a long shot and it was going to be someone special with resources at his or her disposal,” says Wong-Tam. “But I also know this is a city of people who love heritage.”

Having said that, there are still lots of issues to be dealt with and interested takers have been warned “no one is getting a shortcut” through the approval process.

Molson is two-block street running between Roxborough St. W. and MacPherson Ave., just off of Yonge St. between Bloor and St. Clair. But it doesn’t have any houses, just views of the sides and back garages of Roxborough and MacPherson homes, as well as well as an access to their laneways.

The coach house would be its first real home.

“If it works out, this will be a great story for the city,” says Wong-Tam.

The garages sit at the back of a 29-foot wide by 143-foot deep property with an existing house that faces onto Roxborough.

Severing the lot, so the coach house would sit on the back 58 feet, would need committee of adjustment approval, so would other issues around moving the coach house, said city planner Kevin Friedrich, who is still looking into the complex issue.

Casey House needs the home moved by Labour Day to make way for its new facility.


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