What to look for when inspecting/viewing a rental unit

If you have decided in properties that you want, you or perhaps your real estate agent can organize a viewing with the property. Maximize this opportunity by:

  • Check precisely how well the exact property has already been maintained – take a look at gutters, home windows, roofs
  • Note simply how much storage space there’s
  • Check to discover if the place is well insulated – this may affect the bills
  • Ask to discover the gasoline safety certification and running instructions for electrical items. Are there  enough sockets for your requirements?
  • Find out about which furnishings will probably be in the exact property when you move around in. Does it match the fire basic safety regulations?
  • Run the taps, bathroom and shower, and flush. Do all of them work? Ask if central heater works and see if you can open the windows in case cooling system don’t work.
  • Ask how safeguarded is the unit and the premise? Is the area accessible in all sides? What kind of locks are installed?- Make sure all locks on windows and doors are properly working.
  • Talk to your would-be neighbors. Ask if their living condition is what it is when they first arrived in the area. Get their opinion if they would prefer to choose a different place to live should they have the chance to, rather than renting the place they are now occupying.
  • Ask existing tenants information about the landlord’s personality and how he/she deals with them.



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